Get Off Me Tool No.6 Stubby Reverse Edge Variant

$199.95 USD

For those of you that know what this is all about, here is your chance to get in early and beat the rush! See the video post I made on IG for visual.
This tool has a handful of updates from you guys:
-its a tad bit longer.
-steel is AEB-L, a very fine grained razor steel, and MY personal favorite.
-radius under ring is reduced, a video of the functionality of this will be released in the coming days.
-clearance groove has been extended up the tool further to minimize contact area in the sheath and to increase drainage through the sheath.
-chamfers are slightly larger.
-logo engraving has been minimized to keep things more discreet
I will take the time to fill this out more but the door is getting beaten down, time to let you in.
These are nearly complete, just sharpening and lasering them. Expect them to ship in February.