No.6 Pre-Sale

$225.00 USD - $250.00 USD

Use code RINGBLADESSHIPFREE for free shipping on your No.6!

For those of you that voted for the pre-sale, you can guarantee your spot here if your wanting one of the following:

-Get Off Me Tool No.6 Forward Edge (full size)

-Get Off Me Tool No.6 Reverse Edge (full size)

-Get Off Me Tool No.6 Forward Edge Stubby

-Get Off Me Tool No.6 Reverse Edge Stubby
(we are sold out, check with Empire Outfitters)

These tools are 3/16" thick AEB-L stainless steel with the weathered finish and the clearance groove for the backside of the clip eyelets. Some very minor updates will be applied, mostly to the sheath which will be ambidextrous.

I expect this will be up to a 6 month wait as of the time of this writing, putting anticipated delivery around the end of 2023, possibly running into Q1 of 2024 as a worst case scenario.

When tool is ready I will contact you to confirm your delivery details are good to go.

I will include updates on these in the monthly newsletter so please sign up, it will be very difficult to keep up with a ton of separate messages.


*Photo props not included.

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