How FLC Knives came to be.

FLC Knives is the product of the restless mind of Dave Taylor, a mostly normal guy living in Ontario, Canada. By day he works as a Senior Shop Manager and enjoys life with his awesome family. 
Born with an inexplicable fascination of all things sharp and pointy he made his first "real" knives at the age of 10 from kitchen knives purchased at the local flea market using a Dremel to shape them to his will.
It came as no surprise to anyone when he found himself employed as a Butcher in the meat room at the local grocery store. There he learned what made a good working knife, how to properly use and sharpen a knife and of course, how to dismantle a variety of critters with a knife. In typical Dave fashion he got bored rather quickly and after learning everything he could he taught himself to do it all left handed. Being a righty that was born left handed this took all of a few months and he was soon looking for his next challenge.
About this time the pressures from family members regarding what he was going to do with his life began to take their toll and he began a chaotic journey through college, trade school, night school and too many shops to list. Dave was only happy when he was learning so he found it rather difficult to stay employed at one place for very long. Fortunately for his families sanity he started building knives and tools again and the rest as they say, is history.
Dave feels compelled to make tools for military, law enforcement and outdoorsmen, and enjoys pressure testing these knives during his own combatives and survival training.
His passion is providing tool solutions for those in harms way as there is a never ending stream of problems to solve, things to learn and new people to meet.
Thank you for visiting FLC Knives and thank you for helping Dave continuously meet his goal of learning something new everyday.