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G.O.M.T. No.6 (Offset Variant)

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Image of G.O.M.T. No.6 (Offset Variant)

Update December 2018
More delays!
We will be moving forward with an un-coated stainless steel No.6 in 2019. While that is happening we will continue to sort out the remaining obstacles to having these tools coated. The design has continued to evolve and we are VERY pleased with it! Delays are frustrating but we have used the time well and the tool has been further refined. Edge outward will be the first option to hit the website.

Update July 2018
At this moment the whole run is heat treated (double tempered and cryo'ed) and being finished up. From there they will be shipped off for PVD coating and then back for sheaths and sharpening. You are going to love what we cooked up for the sheaths! Its been a long road and we are not done yet but all the efforts will pay off in the coming days. We are very proud of this tool and we know you will be proud to own one or more of them!:) It has literally been around the world and tested by a wide variety of end users for several years now. An additional 15 months has gone into the sheath re-design. This is not how conventional business works and for good reason. We are not conventional by any stretch of the imagination. Real world needs get put before coolness every second of every day.
This run is all forward edge as that has been the biggest request. Reverse edge will follow.
Price is expected to be $200 USD but may vary. Wire stitched sheath option will be available as time allows for a $50 additional fee.
Thank you for your patience and support!

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