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G.O.M.T. No.1 - G10

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Image of G.O.M.T. No.1 - G10
  • Image of G.O.M.T. No.1 - G10
  • Image of G.O.M.T. No.1 - G10
  • Image of G.O.M.T. No.1 - G10
  • Image of G.O.M.T. No.1 - G10

Introducing the New and Improved Get Off Me Tool No.1

Over 15 months in development, this new robust geometry is formed by creating a unique elliptical cross section formed by 2 different sized ellipses that are offset 90 degrees apart.

Body is precision CNC machined from solid black G10 (glass based phenolic laminate) to our tried and tested CAD models exacting specifications.

Handle is hand wrapped and sealed using gutted Milspec black paracord. It is rock solid and literally needs to be ground off. We tried to remove it, its a nasty job!
-wrap is asymmetrical
-flat side sits against body.

Overall length is 7 and 1/8 inches.

Sheath is .06" black kydex utilizing our innovative FLC Knives Tri-Fold Joint providing you with:

-full non-metallic build
-strong integral joint
-no fasteners
-no stitching
-no adhesives
-no rubber bands
-100 % wrap around design
-width AND thickness kept at the bare minimum
-3 feet of Technora 250 provided (550 paracord pictured)

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