Tri-Fold Joint Tool (.06" kydex only)

$99.99 USD - Coming soon

The FLC Knives Tri-Fold Joint Tool and accompanying process is innovative yet simple. For us it is one of those kick yourself moments when we look back on it. Our primary goal was to design a kydex joining method that would work equally well on sheaths for items that required a non-metallic build as it would for sheaths simply requiring a minimal footprint. The secondary goal was to make it accessible to everyone. We are pleased to be able to say that we achieved BOTH goals! This process requires minimal tools so ANYONE can successfully implement this value added feature to their creations whether they be hobbyists or professional kydex benders.

What doe the Tri-Fold Joint Tool offer?
-ease of use
-minimal expense
-only basic hand tools required
-enables full non-metallic sheath build
-strong integral sheath joint
-no fasteners
-no stitching
-no adhesives
-no rubber bands
-100 % wrap around design
-width AND thickness kept at the bare minimum

*For .06" thick kydex only. Test on scraps of custom printed materials before committing to whole project.