FLC Knives Tri-Fold Joint Tool (.06" kydex only)

$99.99 USD

FLC Knives Tri-Fold Joint Tool
(pics show whats included and a cross section of a sheath for a round tool that features the joint)

-ease of use
-only basic hand tools required (gloves, heat gun, utility knife)
-enables full non-metallic sheath build
-strong integral sheath joint
-no fasteners
-no stitching
-no adhesives
-no rubber bands
-100 % wrap around design
-width AND thickness kept at the bare minimum

Kit Includes: (ships FREE with code FLCKTFJ)
1 X forming tool
1 X scoring guide
1 X heat shield
1 X 3M hand pad

When you post your sheaths made using the FLC Knives Tri-Fold Joint Tool on Instagram, use the hashtags #flcknives and #flcknivestrifoldjoint and I will repost your post (assuming the post does not contain anything objectionable of course), giving us both an added exposure boost!

Instructional Video

Troubleshooting Video

*For .06" thick kydex only. Test on scraps of custom printed materials before committing to whole project.