The FLC Knives Dynamic Growth Accelerator

$497.00 USD - $9,997.00 USD

Welcome to the FLC Knives Dynamic Growth Accelerator.
Accelerate your businesses growth with world class, knifemaker specific, business mentorship, directly from David C Taylor.
David is a current working professional in the machining industry with decades of experience in product/process development, project management and machine shop management. He made his first knife at the age of 6 and was instantly hooked!
Why is this important?
The last thing you want is the conventional education model. Outdated information provided by someone who has never done the thing, or has not done it recently.
David is currently doing everything you need, for other clients AND in his own business. You can see the proof online.

Large companies, small companies, small businesses and private individuals leverage Davids experience to save time and make money.

Lets add YOU to that growing list of success stories!

Drop a message through the Contact page to be added to the wait list for:

-The FLC Knives Dynamic Growth Accelerator Group

-The FLC Knives Dynamic Growth Accelerator 1 on 1 Mentorship

What IS the FLC Knives Dynamic Growth Accelerator?!?
For starters, it is not about how to make knives, it is about making knives work for YOU!
When you have a system in place making knives work for you, you leverage that system to increase your time and location freedom, you become independent and you become financially secure. With this system in place, each and every one of your hard earned dollars becomes an employee that works for you.

In a nutshell, you:
-maximize efficiency.
-maximize profits.
-minimize time away from loved ones.

Does this system sound like a good fit for you?

Would you like to accelerate this process?

Would you like to say goodbye to the 9-5?

Would you like to maximize your profits?

Would you like to minimize your time away from loved ones?

I thought so! You would be crazy not to, right???

Drop a message through the contact page to learn more and be added to the growing wait list. Spaces will be made available on a first come first serve basis. As you know, David already has a lot of commitments to honour, so there is only so much time available and he WILL NOT sacrifice quality for quantity. Only a few will be able to receive his focused attention.

"I began following David’s work with FLC Knives several years ago. From the outset, I noticed that the company had a unique spirit and identity which was evident in it’s product line. There was a structure and discipline that I sensed there at a level not often found in the knifemaking community. Not only are the products unique in design and extremely well constructed, but each model is a logical and measured variation of the original core offerings. I reached out to David to connect and through our chats, quickly affirmed that, indeed, David possessed a knowledge base – both in business and in metalwork – that far exceeded my own. He combines modern machining technology with skilled hand work to produce products with reliability, repeatability, and old-world character. From a business perspective, David manages his brand with a careful, measured and strategic approach. David quickly became my go-to advisor for most aspects of my craft – I regularly rely on him for advice and guidance for everything from selection of materials, adhesives, heat treating, and production strategy, to brand management and financials. David is a skilled craftsman and a wealth of knowledge, and I am extremely grateful to have him in my corner."

Kevin ‘KG’ Georgopoulos
KG Handcrafted Bladeware