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No.2 XL with Japanese Style Wrap

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Image of No.2 XL with Japanese Style Wrap
  • Image of No.2 XL with Japanese Style Wrap

This tool is being released from my personal collection as it has not been available for some time due to our workload and there has been quite a bit of interest in it lately.
Now for the back story.
This tool was developed for a group of US Marines that requested something similar to the Get Off Me Tool No.2 but meaner. We chatted back and forth about their needs and I created a series of CAD drawings. A concept was agreed upon and steel was ordered. Once the steel arrived I cut one out and heat treated it so I could run it through a series of tests. Results were reviewed and discussed and one minor change was implemented. The CAD was updated and the testing process was repeated. This time around it passed with flying colors and the design was locked down and I finished off the job and got it mailed out ASAP. In this case the design process went remarkably quickly due to 2 factors. One being that I already had an extensive amount of testing completed from the initial development of the No.2. Secondly, the Marines did a great job of communicating their needs. Its always a pleasure working with such professionals! In the end the design became the No.2 XL and it remains a popular although hard to come by tool in our product line to this day.
Product specs:
1/8" thick O1 tool steel with heat treat scale left on for that medieval look.
9 and 3/16" overall length
4 and 1/8" handle
No cutting edge, Just the tip!
Japanese style wrap sealed with marine grade epoxy.
Minimalist kydex static line sheath.

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