"Get Off Me Tool" No.6 "NPT" with Ambidextrous Sheath

$150.00 USD / Sold Out

Get Off Me Tool No.6 "NPT"
(Non-Pointy Tool)
These tools are over run from the batch made for field testers.
We used the same mold for the sheaths that we used for our very first run of Stubbys back in the day and then wire stitched and hand formed them to suit these tools. These tools are 1/4" thick copper, making them heavy and soft. As such they will tarnish and show signs of the life they live, which is one of the things those that love copper love about it. I can not emphasize this enough, these are stout tools and not for the faint of heart! Retention is solid, though they may wiggle a bit under heavy movement. Clipping these in your pocket will most likely result in ripped pants! Clip them to molle or something stout and this "Non-Pointy Tool" tool will present friendly optics until needed.

In case your wondering why these are made of copper, one of the field testers suggested it. When asked why, he said the following. "Google its properties, its an interesting material, especially in these strange times." We did and here we are. It didnt hurt that copper is heavy and well regarded for how it ages with time.

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