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G.O.M.T. No.6 Symmetrical "JTT" Series

Image of G.O.M.T. No.6 Symmetrical "JTT" Series
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NOTE:Will start shipping January 15th, 2018. Grip has been updated from whats shown in pics. Please see Instagram for current pics.

Constructed of !/4" thick black G10, a phenolic laminate, this non-metallic ring tool is 7 and 3/8" long with a 1.250" diameter ring hole.
As this tool has NO CUTTING EDGE it is part of our "JTT (Just The Tip) Series". Features to note on this tool are the .03" deep grooves on 2 sides of the handle, providing an insane amount of grip while the simple static line sheath features positive click retention and has no fasteners of any kind as it is a simple roll over construction, keeping this design lean and 100% non-metallic.